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At Susquehanna Law Group, we are somewhat different from other law firms in that we handle each client by providing highly personalized service based on each situation. We accept a number of case types including civil litigation, criminal law, disability, divorce cases, estate planning, family law, social security, wills and trusts. Our goal is to utilize our 30 years of combined legal knowledge to assist in righting wrongs while guiding our clients through challenging times in their lives.
For many Americans, disability compensation provides crucial income for their everyday needs, and being denied rightful compensation can be distressing and downright confusing. At Susquehanna Law Group, we're proud to help the citizens of the Greater Susquehanna Valley and the Williamsport area resolve their  Read more
When you are facing a difficult family situation, call us to talk to an understanding attorney. We will consider your concerns and goals, answer your questions, and negotiate and litigate with skill and experience.
Many of the cases that we deal with are civil cases. Civil cases are disputes between two or more parties where one party is accused of failing to do something that was contracted for. While criminal cases offer defendants the right to use court-appointed counsel, civil cases require you to either ... Read more

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Each attorney at Susquehanna Law Group, Inc. is motivated by a desire to help right wrongs and to guide our clients through difficult times. What makes us different from other firms is how we provide individualized, personal attention to our clients according to each situation. We are very proud to serve the community of Williamsport, Pennsylvania and we can assist in a variety of legal situations including family law, divorce, criminal law, social security & disability, estate planning, wills and trusts, and civil litigation.