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Financial - Legal Services
From bankruptcy services to estate planning, talk to the knowledgeable attorneys at Susquehanna Law Group, Inc.  We are ready to help you reach a better financial future.
Family - Legal Services
When you are facing a difficult family situation, call us to talk to an understanding attorney.  We will consider your concerns and goals, answer your questions, and negotiate and litigate with skill and experience. 
Criminal - Legal Services
If you are charged with a crime, speak with an attorney promptly.  Once we speak to you, we will go over all your options and you can be assured that if necessary, we will fight hard to make sure your rights are respected.  

More Than 40 Years of Combined Experience

Who We Are

Each attorney at Susquehanna Law Group, Inc. is motivated by a desire to help right wrongs and to guide our clients through difficult times.  What makes us different from other firms is how we provide individualized, personal attention to our clients according to each situation.  We are very proud to serve the community of Williamsport, Pennsylvania and we can assist in a variety of legal situations including bankruptcy, family law, divorce, criminal law, social security & disability, estate planning, wills and trusts, and civil litigation. 

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